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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!Amaziiiiiiiiing!! may be in two weeks i have this DVD in my hands!!!!!!!!!
* Release Date: 07/29/2008
* Sales Rank: 12
* UPC: 715187901520
This is absolutely brilliant news. I am so pleased for Team Gregorian that the sales are doing so well :):):)

We moved up to #12 today!!!!! Thanks to everyone who's spent their hard-earned money on the CD!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
With this Gregorian have more posibilities that will come to Americaaaaa th next yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!!!!

oO Wow....really good news!! I am very pleased for the monks!!! (they are the best...)
i'm very happy for them , but they deserve the first place . they are too good!
Keep up the good work over there guys! this can only help in our quest to get over there and do what we do best - perform live gigs! Bring it on America! We want to tour!!!
One Question. The sales rank only for Online sale or also for shops?

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