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Lets have some fun......

What songs would you like to hear the Monks sing?

Here`s a starter....

Rasputin - Boney M
Sweet Child of Mine - Guns & Roses
No Limits - 2 Unlimited

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I would like to hear:

1. Mylene Farmer's "Regrets"
2. "7 seconds" by Youss On N'Door
3. "Walking in the air" by Nigtwish
4. and maybe one song in Russian...........ooooohhhhhhhh!!!!! It would be brilliant to hear such song!!!!!
I would love to hear "Conquest of paradise - Vangelis"
gregorianfan071982 said:
Colleen said:
I would love to hear "Conquest of paradise - Vangelis"
Oh I think so like you.I love this song and I want to hear it from Gregorian
I would like Gregorian sing a song of Dream Theater - The answer lies within.
Psalmus Ode-Vangelis =)
wel.. i will very much love to hear gregorian singing d song "to where you are" from josh groban and "the prayer" ^^
I have other idea i would like that Gregorian sing: Regresa a mi, is a song of spanish, or in english: Unbreak my heart, this song also signs : il Divo
Here is what i want to hear but its not possible :P

Clannad - I Will Find You
Sarah Brightman - Fleur du Mal
Roxette - Listen To Your Heart
Delerium - Silence

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