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OK my friends, tomorrow it will start again :-)))
Our guys touring across my country and crazy Colleen who will try to listen to "some ;-)" of the concerts....
I am curious.. who else will be there from this forum here, which concerts will you listen to???

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OK, I have been there and it was STUNNING!!!!
To see more deatils and a few pics please go to the "old" english forum, there I started to write a little tour diary.....
Hello Colleen ! I was on the "old forum" as you say and I want to thank you again for the report and the photos !
HELLO!!! NIC!!Thaaaanks for the photos of the old foruum and my loveeeeeeeeeeeee is handsome!!!!!

i send higs nd kisses to you!!!!
Hello all
I was on the Concert in Leipzig on friday. It was great =) I had bad parents decided to buy me the tickets one week before. But it was a wonderful evening. It was my Christmas, and it was a wonderful Christmas I will never forget. =)

Hi ^^

Yes, like Lahna said before....It was awesome ^^
I was in Aachen, 12/11 ... It was great and the guys took a long time to sign autographs, small talk a.s.o. ^^
It was so good, that I desided to see it again next year :) ...

greets DarkShadow ^^

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