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Tracklist Gregorian: The Dark Side of The Chant

Hello my friends here is the tracklist of the new album from Gregorian, will release at november 5!! i caant waiiiiiiit foor iit!! :D


01 - O Fortuna (Carl Orff)
02 - StriPPed (Depeche Mode)
03 - All I need (withing templation)
04 - Hells Bells (AC/DC)
05 - Born To Be Alive (Unheilig)
06 - Morning Dew (Nazareth)
07 - My Heart Is Burning
08 - Bring me to life (Evanescence)
09 - Dark Side
10 - Frozen (Madonna)
11 - Black Wings
12 - Luzifer (The Allen Parson Projects)
13 - Dark Angel


4 songs of gregorian!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooow

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Not right... they Recordet fife songs.. i think not all of them will be on the Album...
Thank you Karla =)))) !!!
Well, I'm intrigued)
New artwork and final track list is up at

I'm a little disappointed that Paranoid didn't make the final cut. Oh well.

very very nice.... no doubt
Woooow, I'm so happy. I'm going to buy it today.......
Enjoy the music
Oh gash, I love it! Surely I'm going to buy the record!!!! It's fantastic!!! Some songs just make me crazy)))
Please do you know who composed Dark Angel? Is it a cover or an original?
The composer of this song is Gunther Laudahn. Here's the piece of the interview with him, where he talks about this song:
M: You've produced some songs on the new album. Which ones are they?
GL: The first is a song I wrote together with Frank. It's called "My Heart is Burning." The second is a song I had played for Frank that I wrote (but not for the last Dark Side album.) I had once recorded this track (Dark Angel) as a demo with a deep voice for my project, "Die Gesellschaft Der Schwarzen Orchidee" (The Society of the Black Orchid). But this is not an official project, it hasn't been published properly. Its just my fun project that I play around with a bit and I'm writing a book on the experiences that I've had with it. In any case, when Frank heard it he said "Damn! We will do this for the next Dark Side album!" and as you can see, he has stood by his word.

The full version you can find here:
Thanks so much for the quick reply. I wish Gregorian would do an entire album of this man's songs, and the one who wrote, "It Will Be Forgiven." I've yet to find anything else that's so perfect to create characters for novels by.
Not at all;) I'm always glad to help)
can someone add the lyrics of black wings !?

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