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Hi All~

The forum seems a little quiet lately, so I thought I would start a new topic.

Which is your favorite of the Gregorian albums? I think mine would be Chapter 6. There is just so many songs on it I love.

And you?


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I have no favorite, all the albums have good numbers...
One of my favorite songs is "Nothing else Matters" van Metallica.

Groet Rini from Holland
My favourite album is Chapter VI . I love all the songs . But the others albums are also very good .
I have 3 favorite Albums :P

the first is Chapter 2. It was the first cd of Gregorian I bought so it has a special meaning for me.
the second is Christmas Chants and the third is The Dark Side =)
I have no favorite album,I like them all!!!!
Sure,I have many songs I´d like most,especially The sound of silence,HYMN,Fix you and I still haven´t found....
I like all Mocc´s.My favorite songs are Field´s of gold bonny Portmore and many more.^^
As for me, I just love them all!!!!!!! Every album and every song is unique and amazing.... so I even don't want to choose which one is better.
I like all albums, but the Chapter VI is really special. The song "Heaven can wait" is the most like.
My favourite album is Chapter III.And one of my favorite songs are "Be", "Only you" And "Sacriface"!!!!!But the others albums are also very very good!!!!)))
Well, lunaa my favorite albuum is chapter 6 too and 5, but i thiink all albums from Gregorian are amaziiin, alwaays Gregorian releasee amaziiiing chapppterss *_*

Once i too sang in church chorus.We sang a song "Silent Night", but in Russian).it was one of my FAVOURITE songs!!!!))))
Hi ^^

My favorite album is Chapter one....
We waited until it was in stores and so it's a special one for us (my mum and I)

But all in all .....Every album is a favorite one, everyone on it's own way...

mlg DarkShadow ^^
My fave album of the gregorian is the The Chapter IV- and i love the song Gift and maid of olreans^^

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