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At 5:28am on October 10, 2011, LaLunaLady said…

Hi Stefan!  Great to see you here :)  How are you, my friend?



At 8:27am on November 6, 2011, Jakabné Baranyi Henriett said…


How good for you Stefan! I would like an autogramm and picture all of the boys!!! I'm just dreaming of it.

At 12:42pm on November 6, 2011, Steven said…

Hi Henriett!


Did you attend a Gregorian concert?

Usually the boys will give autographs after the show, so this would be your personal chance to get all of them. All you have to do is to bring your favourite picture and let them sign on it. You even can talk to each single Gregorian :-) They are all so friendly!!! Otherwise you can buy the tour programme and let them sign on that one.


Best wishes


At 3:14am on November 7, 2011, Jakabné Baranyi Henriett said…


Do you think if I send them a gift when they come again to Budapest will they accept it?

I was an idiot beacuse I don't wait them. I'm just crying. :((((((((((((   Maybe I must wait for years when they come again to Budapest.

At 6:54am on November 7, 2011, Steven said…
Hm, I am not sure if that works. Imagine how many fans Gregorian have. i think that would be too much for them to receive so many gifts, sign them and send them back. And don't forget that they all have their own projects and thinks to do when they are not on tour or in the studio. So it's almost impossible to get them all together to sign gifts and send them back. But I am pretty sure that thay will come back to Budapest as their show was a big success there. And when this happens, STAY at the merchandise shop AFTER the show!!!!!
At 12:22am on November 8, 2011, Jakabné Baranyi Henriett said…


You are right! I know they are busy .

I think it wasn't a big show in Budapest. Please don't misunderstand me it was VERY COOL but the people are left their sits after the  break, thats why I think they're are never come back. It's just my fear. I saw their videos on the youtoube with full house concerts. Here in Budapest wasn't full house for my unhappiness.

At 1:30am on November 9, 2011, Jakabné Baranyi Henriett said…


Hi Stefan! I would like to know more about you! You're so kind! What's your job and what musics do you like and much more! :)



At 9:03am on November 9, 2011, Steven said…

Hi Henriett!

Thank you very much for your kind words :-) Well, I live in Hamburg, the town where GREGORIAN originally comes from. I met Frank Peterson (GREGORIAN's headmaster) in person several times and we had nice, interesting and long conversations (and laughed a lot...). I work as a programmer. What music do I like? Hm, very much. GREGORIAN of course, Sarah Brightman, Coldplay, classical music, pop music, musical, (classical) movie soundtracks... It's really hard to say. I do not have a special genre. Music must make my mind fly away, must produce emotions in my body. Therefore it doesn't matter to me, who the band is, who the singer is or what kind of music it is. But what I can say is that there are artists who can produce that for me, and Gregorian is one of my most favourites :-)


So tell me something about you.


Best wishes



At 8:10am on November 10, 2011, Jakabné Baranyi Henriett said…


Hi Stefan! I tought you are a baker. I was wrong. How cool you met with Frank ! And why don't you speak in german with the gregorian if you're german?

I live in Budapest, Hungary. It doesn't far from Germany. :) I'm 30 years old.

You're the person like I am. I like movie soundtracks too, for example: The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter. I like Enya too. Sometimes I listening pop musics, but choosing the good songs. Most of all pop music are boring, the bands are doing the same music.

By the way I'm singing in a church choir and my tone is sopran. My husband is singing too in the Laudate choir. He is tenor. Before 1 week earlier they singed Mozart: Reqiem. In these days I haven't got enough time to sing. I take care of my children. If they will be bigger I will return and sing a lot. :) Till then I must fall back on to sing at home. Gregorian is my favourite too .There is no single band in the world who are better than any of them. They're in my heart forever.

My favourite music style is gregorian. I love my childhood ours. When I was 8 years old I heard enigma where monks are sings there. Maybe you're know that song. I'm sure you're know that.

I'm an administrator but I want to be a pastry. I'm a creative human.

Thanks your reply! Write me soon!:)



At 2:39am on November 13, 2011, Steven said…

Hi Heni!


LOL!!!! No, I am not a baker. Well, what you can not see on my avatar photo is the fact that Lawrence stood behind a desk and I stood in front of it. So for the photo I bent backwards and Lorro had to bend forwards because of the desk. So the visual perspective is a little bit strange and might let myself look "stronger" as I am.


By the way, I definitely speek in German with Frank, but I have to speak in English with the singers as they all come from Britain. You know, the band was founded in Hamburg, Germany by Frank, Michael Soltau, Jan-Eric Kohrs und Carsten Heusmann. They hired "monks" to sing the songs wich actually are no monks but well trained singers wich are able to sing the gregorian style. They were only hired for the studio to sing.  Chris Tickner and Richard Colllier are there right from the beginning. Aditional ones came and left, but during the last years the hole band setteled as you know them now. Now they are ONE and you can feel and hear it :-) In the beginning years Sarah Brightman sang the female parts. But GREGORIAN felt that they wanted to have their own fame not beeing result of Sarah's fame. So Amelia, Sarah's sister took over to be the female lead voice, a VERY good choice in my opinion!!! Sarah occasionally appeared as Hepsibah or Sarah Hellmann (wich is the German translation for Brightman) on following albums, but retracted completely later.


When GREGORIAN is recording a new album it's like that: The team in Hamburg chooses the material and records basic music tracks. Then they rush over to London where "our boys" join to sing their parts. After that overdubs, mixing and producing follow in Hamburg again.

And of course when GREGORIAN is on tour they are all together. If someone is not available at some period, they have stand ins to perform with them. When they are not on tour or in the studio they all follow their own projects, singing in concerts, churches or as backgrond singers for other artists.


P.S. Of course I know the song you meant :-) It was "Sadness Part 1" by Enigma. Wich was a project by Michael Cretu AND: Frank Peterson..... :-) I loved it so much (and I still do): It was a huge success here in Germany. On the GREGORIAN album "Best of 1999-2010" you can hear GREGORIAN's version of the song.


Best wishes



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