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So, here I am again :)

Recently arrived in Kassel and have a show here tonight - we always sleep in the city where we have just come off stage and then travel the next morning to the city we will perform in that night - but there have been a few other shows since last I wrote.

The biggest and most spectacular of those was Berlin! Every show is special for us but there was something spine-tingling about walking out on stage in a place as big as the o2 arena and seeing it completely packed. And the feeling got even better as the show went on and the energy and enthusiasm coming back from those thousands of people just lifted everything to a new level... Everyone rose to the occasion and put on a fantastic show for the crowd and we were rewarded one final time when they were on their feet and - almost literally - dancing in the aisles before the end of the last song. Wow. Thank you Berlin :)

We also had a great time in Frankfurt last night, with another sell-out crowd and a good, tight show. But in between we did two shows (in a day) in Halle/Saale. That was challenging for a number of reasons...

First, this show runs a little over 2hrs 30mins, so to do 2 in a day, starting  only 3.5 hrs apart is hard work! Second, the stage in Halle was smaller than our ideal size and so we had to change a few things to make it all work in the space. But the performers and crew all did a fantastic job, pulled off two top shows and left the good people of Halle feeling pretty happy ;)

But this is part and parcel of the whole world of touring a show. And one of the things that makes it so interesting. A different city (sometimes a different country), a different venue and a different audience every day. And each one has its own "personality" and idiosynchrasies. The show has to change a little bit every day to accomodate the space we are in and the energy in the room can vary hugely - sometimes the audience is screaming from the get go; but other times they applaud politely at the end of each song and that's about it some point a kind of critical mass seems to be reached and all hell breaks loose (in a good way ;) ).

But that's why we love it :)

So.... Off to the venue soon for tonight's show, so time to sign off. Please do feel free to comment and ask questions and I'll do my best to reply to everything!

Bye for now :)


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