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Well, it has been quite a week!

Every audience has been amazing but something very special happened in Cologne on Saturday night. It wasn't just the 5000+ people there; nor the venue - the incredible Lanxess Arena; nor the way in which everybody performed. It was EVERYTHING! Literally everything just clicked...

I have been with Gregorian since the beginning of 2005 and have had the pleasure of performing, I would guess, somewhere between 300-400 concerts! But Saturday night was one of the best; perhaps THE best. And, what's more, everybody thought so. Even the guys who haven't toured with us before knew that they had been part of something extraordinary. And the boss was very pleased too ;)

Thank you Cologne!

On a more personal note, we had a well-deserved day off in the beautiful town of Würzburg the other day. Eight of us went out together to a restaurant recommended by a friend of mine who lives there (and saw the show the following night). It was a really wonderful evening with good food, good company, good banter and a lovely chance to chill out a bit.

We all spend a lot of our time together on a tour like this - it's unavoidable. But it's also wonderful to realise that these are not just people you work with. They are friends and it is amazing to be able to do something like that despite living in each others' pockets all the time :)

Next day off will be in Vilnius, Lithuania, next week. Can't wait. But, in the meantime, have some pesky concerts to do ;)

Bye for now...

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