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So, here we are again!

I can't quite believe it has over a week since the last Blog. Sorry about that. I guess the main reason is that, truly, there has not been much to report.

The thing is, we have had a few days off. It's just the way the schedule worked out. But it's strange what a difference that makes (in a good way :) ). But - and forgive me - my thoughts have been elsewhere than touring, Blogging and doing gigs.

And the result is that I feel great! Completely rejuvenated and raring to go. And I think that is true for everyone - at least the last two gigs, in Minsk 3 nights ago, and Poznan, tonight, have been so full of energy :)

I love both cities but have been to Minsk before. Big thumbs up for Minsk (go there if you can) :) But... Poznan, in Poland! Wow. A beautful city - especially the Old Town - wonderfully welcoming people, everywhere, and, I have to say, one of the best audiences we have EVER had. It was such a pleasure to perform here!

I went out to sign some autographs with some of the other guys afterwards and so many people just said, "Thank you so much for coming here; it was wonderful". Truly humbling.

A lovely place, and somewhere I would like to come back to in my own time :)

Looking forward, we have a fuller week now in the run up to Easter - Prague, Bratislava, Brno... But we're all looking forward to it. And to the Easter weekend and a chance to spend a short time with family.

More soon, and thanks for reading! Please... Do join in and comment, or post your own thoughts :)

Till the next one...



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Comment by Aneta Denisova on March 27, 2013 at 5:58am

Dear Richard!

This year I was at Your concert for the first time and I didn’t want it to end! That was the best concert I have ever seen in my life. Thank You so much for coming to Lithuania! Thank You for the perfect time we’ve spent with You! Thank You for all those amazing and warm feelings we had during Your performance! Thank You that YOU ARE!

I wish I could say these words in real… I didn’t have a possibility to say them this year, so I really do hope You will come back to us soon! :)

Good luck in Your future performances!

Aneta :)

Comment by Kasia Wąsowska on March 27, 2013 at 3:19pm

Concert in Poznań... I have really great memories from that day ;)

Looking forward to read new blog from you :)


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