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Hi All~


Any speculation as to what you think might be on the set list for the new tour from "The Dark Side of the Chant" album?


I'd really like to see Hell's Bells, Lucifer and one of the originals.  I always like when Gregorian does the originals in the shows.


Plus, I am REALLY hoping for a DVD of the upcoming tour :)



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Hi Stefan!


Thanks for the update and my copy arrived from Germany on Saturday.  I did watch it (twice, lol and probably will again today...) and it is truly amazing :)  Will you be going to see the Christmas show in Hamburg?




Hi LaLunaLady


I am very looking forward to seeing the Gregos at their Christmas Concert here in Hamburg. And guess what, they put on a 'preview' concert just one day before the tour starts, and of course I immediately bought a second ticket... So I will see the preview and next day I will be there again! Too exciting!

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