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I can to divide this question in some parts:
1. Gregorian live instrumentalists;
2. choir members of 2000 & 2003 tours;
3. french bonus choir members and singers from "Voyage voyage" video;
4. choir members and dancers from dvd "Masters of Chant in Santiago de Compostela";
5. choir members from dvd "Moments of Peace in Ireland";
6. choir members from dvd "Masters of Chant chapter 3";
7. choir members from 1996 - 2008 tours;
8. choir members from TV shows;
9. orchestra from TV "Music for millionen' (song "Bridge over troubled water").

Today - first question about instrumentalists:

1. What full name have black drummer (Robby from Trinidad), who played drums in Christmas tour with Carolina Fortenbacher? (seen on a fotos of Flensburg & Leipzig 2008 concerts etc.)

2. What name have new guitarist, who played guitar in this same tour? (seen in a two fotos of Leipzig 2008 concert)

3. What name have drummer, who played drums in Calwer 2008 concert? I think, he is not Kristian Draude.

4. Who stay on a first keyboard in 2003 tour? On a second keyboards is Jan-Eric Kohrs, I think. But who is on left side? Maybe Amelia Brightman?

5. Guitarist in the same tour is Gunther Laudahn?

I think, drums played Roland Peil in this tour.

6. Who know all violin players in Kreuzenstein concert? (Particular violin players in a second and third row):
3-rd: 0 0
2-nd: 0 0
1-st: 0 0 0 0 0 0.
Right side violiners of 2-nd and 3-rd rows can not seen so good in the video.

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3. i dont know the name of this guy butt wheen sarah brightman done a conceeeert in myy city he playeed with her
Now 7-th question - about choir members from 1996 - 2008 tours. Some pictures and questions of this theme are displaced before. Today first part of question only - about choir members of 2000 tour in Poland. Sorry for bad quality of pictures, but I have not other. All pictures is from video "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" only. I have not other songs from this concert. I think, there are 11 or 12 musicians (6 monks is red). Two of blue monks is Sion Lloyd (central in first row; he is soloist in this song) and Richard Collier. Other can not see good (maybe its is the same monks, seen in the picture under my 2.2 question, displaced before, and one of these is Christopher Tickner). Red monks is Andrew Keelan, Stephen Weller, Simon Eduard Baker maybe (the same musician as in dvd "Santiago de Compostela"), Matthew Vine maybe, maybe not (the same musician with beard as in dvd "...Peace in Ireland"), Thomas Barnard maybe and one singer (I think, it is not Jonathan Clucas - first row, left from Sion Lloyd). I think, red singers these is all.
1. Are seen Matthew Vine or not in this first picture? (singer is the same as in dvd "Peace in Ireland"

2. Are seen Thomas Barnard in this picture?

3. What name of this singer, seen in next picture?

4. Who is this blue-weared monk?

5. Who is other blue-weared singers?

6. Who is drummer (Peter Bishoff maybe)? Other instrumentalists in this concert is Jan-Eric Kohrs and Gunther Laudahn, I think.

Is the man who plays king Arthur in Voage Voyage Benoit Riou? Anybody please?

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