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Discover the Creative Force, Energy, Power, Healing in your Hands

Attention: Angel & Alan,

Am posting this Power Point Presentation on the Energy, Power in your Hands.

The best in life and health for body, mind and spirit.

Jose Pepito Manansala Cunanan

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Thank you, Jose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm downloading it and soon I will watch it.

Jose, thank you for the Power Point Presentation. I need healing in my hands, both of my thumbs are hurting, for I use them all the time and they never get a brake from the work that I do. I believe that my mind and spirit are in good shape, it is my body that I am concerned with. My eyes and my hands are so important to my creative energy and I will learn SIGLA in my hands!! Thank you sir!

Please take care, with love and peace, Alan
hm..... it's sooooooo strange.... Why didn't I hear any sound in your presentation, Jose? You added sound and I saw a note 'music: Gregorian Masters of Chant'....but I couldn't hear it.

In any way, I liked your presentation very much!!!!! I think these are very useful exercises which help you to get energy for living and to bring peace into your soul right through your body.

I wish you all the best!
P.S. Alan, take care the health of your hands and eyes (and whole body), please!!! Have plenty time for rest!!!
And have a wonderful day!!!!

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