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Hi All~


Now that we've all had the new album for a couple months?  Which songs are standing out for you as personal favorites?


I like the whole album but the ones who get the most play on my iPod are~


All I Need

Hell's Bells

My Heart is Burning

Dark Angel


How about everyone else?




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Ok, from my iTunes-Statistics...


1. All I need

2. Born to feel alive

3. Bring me to life


"Born to feel alive" is pretty damn awesome! First I had to think about which song was the original.

>For the non-Germans: (it begins at 1:38 around. Hard to find a good version online -.-)

Never heard a German - to - English - Cover before :)

my favorites are : dark angel, born to feel alive, all i need, dark side, my heart is burning :D


My favourite is The forest.

I also love "The Forest", it's such a cool song


Yes! I heard it first in Budapest the 2nd of november. It was cool! Am I wrote good? I'm not perfect in english. Sometimes I write wrong word and the wrong time.

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