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Lets everyone makes a photo in Gregorian style!!! you, your family n friends!!!

i begin:)

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geat idea :D

yeah it's a little old. maybe one or two years old? tooken by a little fan meeting by me :D I think I should take a few more pic's of this dress-I love it. :) and I also went in that one to my first Gregorian Concert. Love lahna
We all wear robes? cool :)
yes yes , we all have to wear robes! ))

Nancy Massi said:
We all wear robes? cool :)
oooh I need to make some!
wow wow wow what about faces? lets show the faces!!! or how can i know that it s YOU in this robe?;))

Ahahah Chris, i believe you , I promise! :) ahh, what a secret person ahaha;)
its mee!! loool im Gregorianmonk lool!!! :D

I tried it a time ago! At the end we looked pretty much like the cast of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings! We are all untalented monks! *ggg*
Wow, that's sound great, than you have talent! But in my case, maybe a tomato! LOL

Chris said:
I played theater and I was already in a movie!!! (But not as a monk!) :-)

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