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....quite a few new members?  I thought it would be fun to have a thread about how everyone came to find Gregorian and maybe a little about you?

I'm LaLunaLady and have been a fan since 2005.  I found Gregorian through hearing their collaboration of "Moment of Peace" with Sarah Brightman.  It bowled me over and I have been an avid fan ever since.

I'm American and live in Minnesota.  I was fortunate in being able to travel to Germany earlier this year and seeing Gregorian sing live was indescribably amazing!

Welcome to all the new members !  Have questions?  Ask away and I know everyone will try to answer them as best they can.


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Hey LaLuna :)

Loved the lastest CD!


Thank you, LaLuna... Would you know if Gregorian will be coming to America?

I envy you, LaLuna, for having been able to see Gregorian live in Germany... Next time you go, can I ride in your suitcase?? I'm a Gregorian newbie, only having discovered them two months ago, and think they're better than sliced bread! I was an Enigma fan many years ago, and didn't follow Frank Peterson's path when they dissolved.. a pity.. I could have been witnessing the very birth of Gregorian. Well, better late than never.. they absolutely rocked my world. And if I'm REALLY LUCKY, perhaps they'll come back to America...

Welcome, everyone!  It's grand to have you aboard.  :)))

I don't know of any upcoming plans to tour America but I never say never and I NEVER give up hope we will have "the guys" here one day to tour! 

If you can manage it, do go to Europe to see the upcoming "Winter Chants" tour which will be performed in churches and arenas across Europe premiering the new "Winter Chants" CD (release date tba).

Tour dates and details at


Greetings all. Wie gehts!

How wonderful to discover a Ning group dedicated to Gregorian! I only recently discovered Gregorian and find myself captivated and often moved by their songs and videos. There were even keeping me company on the treadmill this morning -- a good thing. :) I plan on blogging on what I've experienced with the music and images - there is just so much material to reflect on.

Many congratulations to the "brothers" Gregorian for all the amazing work they do. Since those of us who live in the US can't experience you live, hope you will keep recording concerts now and again. 

And thanks for this site!


I discovered Gregorian by searching for Enigma videos on YouTube.  I knew what Gregorian Chants are  because I was raised as a Roman Catholic.  I never thought that Gregorian Chant could be mixed with Pop music.  I love how old world type tradition mixes with modern.  

Welcome to the group, everyone!  It's nice to see some enthusiasm for Gregorian on this side of the pond.

A new album "Winter Chants" will be released this autumn.  More details as I get them......


Hi All~

We have had one DVD for commercial release in the US in 2007.   It was Gregorian: Live at Kreuzenstein Castle aka Gregorian Masters of Chant.  You want to buy the one with the BLUE cover, not the brown.  The brown cover is coded for Europe.  I saw some on Amazon just now.

There's several other DVD's (all wonderful naturally..) but coded for Europe.  I got around the problem by purchasing an all-region DVD player.  You can pick them up for a pretty good price.  The last one I bought was less than $50.

Nice to have some activity on the page!  :))))


@ Greg.  Fun fact.  The first Enigma album was co-produced by Frank Peterson (as Frank Gregorian) who is the master-mind and executive producer of Gregorian Masters of Chant.  Small world ; )


Greetings everyone! I am an American student who first came upon Gregorian while trying to determine the origin of the song 'Ordinary World' (which is by Duran Duran, incidentally). The song has been covered many times, and when I found the original, I found it decent enough, but the Gregorian cover was by far my favorite. I looked into their other music, and found my way here.

I've bought a few of their songs off of itunes, and plan to buy more from the artists directly whenever possible.

I found Gregorian searching, You tube listening to Musicals and there Gregorian were..

I was hooked when I heard a few of the songs "The Forest, Moment of Peace, Bring me to life and 

Lady in Black",Yes!!!! I love the rest also, Gregorian's Stage Presence is amazing

and the  Backing Vocals of the Pretty Brightman's are wonderful also.

Musical talent on the Drums, Keyboard and Guitar and everyone else involved compliment truly to

an  outstanding evening of Chant, Pop, Rock mix . Planning on a few trips 2018 to see them, meantime I listen often and let me say,"Perfect therapy when this Frontine Accident and Emergency worker get home.

    Best Wishes

Welcome, Nelson! If you get to see the brothers next year, let us know how the live experience goes. :)

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