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The Symbol On This Page As Well In Other Pictures

I'm curious.... the round symbol on these pages as well in pics of the group ... is there anything symbolic about it?   How did this symbol come about? 

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Excellent question, Greg.  I went and looked at my CD collection and I believe the symbol was first used on Masters of Chant Chapter IV. 

I'm not sure who designed it but I think everyone thinks of it as the "tribal" symbol.  It's used frequently in artwork and tour merchandise  now and has also become a popular "tattoo" artwork amongst the Gregorian fans.


Thanks.. it would make for a cool and unusual tattoo.

It's similar in composition to a celtic concentric circle, though less detailed. If you want a prime example of such things, look up the Book of Kells, which contains a stunning Eighth Century example of Irish illuminated manuscript. Illuminated manuscripts tend to use many such concentric circles.

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