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Dear Friends: Angel of Russian Federation, Alan of Cleveland, Ohio, USA and Gregorian Monk of Bayern Germany and All Interested Gregorians:

Often we are asked: How old are you? And most people, men and women find it an embarrasing question and are hesitant to reply. It is actually an age-old question, antiquated, passe'.

We have to find alternative queries to ask and more interesting answers to those who are inquisitive.

And my proposal is to ask: What is the color of your age?

If your are interested... I suggest that you read on... you may even have better and brighter ideas to make life in this journey more exciting and colorful.

Jose Pepito Manansala Cunanan

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Hi, Jose!!!!!!!!!!

I'm downloading your "colorfull" presentation. I think I will tell you some my opinios about it after I'll watch it.
You know, as for me, I love color (not any separate color, but color in general) and I absolutely agree with Johannes Itten, who said wonderful words: "Color is life".
Hi again, Jose!!!!

Your presentation is very interesting. I like it!!!!!
Hello Jose,
Has seen presentation, and to read all was not in time, but has understood that my age of yellow colour. What does it mean?

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