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What is your favorite personal Gregorian memorabilia?



Someone started a thread like this on another forum I belong to and I found it interesting and informative to see what people cherish in their personal collections, so I thought I would start the same topic here.


What is your personal favorite piece of Gregorian memorabilia?  It can be anything from a ticket stub to whatever you cherish most.


Mine would have to be a signed tour poster from a Russian show of the MoC5 tour.  I was thrilled and delighted when a mysterious package arrived from Germany and it contained this poster that was sent by a dear friend in the community.  It hangs in a place of honor in my dining room.


And you?



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Mine are a photo of Lorro and me, an 'O Fortuna' CD-Single signed by Lorro with a personal dedication to me and of course a tour programme signed by all Gregos :-)


This is all I have! This ticket is my treasure!


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