Gregorian Masters of Chant

lets describe ourselves, who we are, what we like to do and so on!!!! :)

as for me, you know me as Elena, and it s my real name )) i work as an HR manager in psychology, philosophy, music, animals...and many many other things... a bit romantic, sentimental...well, i think it s good )) hahah.
so what about you, the next fan? )

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Hello I'am Rini from Holland,

My livingplace is Vlaardingen, near by Rotterdam, you know the biggest harbour of europe and the world...
I work in a Hospital in Rotterdam, my Job is Logistic.

I'am married with Karin and I have two daugthers Sanne and Nienke..

Groetjes uit Holland van Rini (that's dutch..)
Hello my name is Angelika and i live in Delitzsch(near Leipzig/Saxonia).I´m a waitress helper and i love reading books and many more.And i love Gregorian music like all here.
Hello Elena, well, you know my name is Karla and im from Chihuahua, Mexico,im student and now i have a program radio, also im sudying Parapsychology and i likee the movie the lord of the rings, some day i hope will go to a cocnert from Gregoriaaaan and i want know Ireland and Londoon

Hi, I'm Tami from St. Paul, Minnesota in the US. I am a big Sarah Brightman fan and that is how I discovered Gregorian.

I do internet technology for a large Bank here in the US and have two grown kids. I love to listen to music, read (mainly mysteries) and swim.

Fun thread!

Hi,my name is Helen.I'm from Russia,Nizhniy Novgorod region,Sarov city.I workin police.I the cynologist.When i'm free i like to do sports,to meet with my friends,training dogs,and to sit in internet.Like animals,extrim sport,psychology.
Hello, my name is Erika and I am Brazilian city of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais. I am a teacher and I love to teach. Through a friend of my sister knew that the Gregorian Masters and I fell in love. I have two sons, Arthur and Eduardo. I love listening to music, chat with friends and being in contact with nature. I am very happy to be part of this group.
Hello Gregorian Fans: My name is Alan and I have been with my high school sweetheart for 51 years, we have 6 grown children. I have a bachelor of fine arts from Ohio University. We spent over 4 years in UK & and Europe as I worked for the government in electronics, (communications). In London I learned of Pink Floyd and have been a fan for over 40 years. My son got into Sarah Brightman's music and from there we learned of Gregorian Masters of Chant, because of our love of rock! I am fan of Gregorian for only 1 month. I am a retired home renovator and my latest project includes building my own web site with the help of iWeb, and I am excited about the future!!!

I'm Anna, I live in Heinsberg, Germany (near the netherlands border). I make my A-Level this year in school and after that I'll study something direction Economies (in Cologne, Germany or Maastricht, Netherlands).
I'm Gregorianfan since they've been around....A long time ;)

Leev Jröß (that's Kölsch, dialect from Cologne = Köln) ;)
Anna ^^
Hello, my real name is Alena, I also use a nickname JuCaKe. I live in a Czech town Hradec Kralove. I´m a student of cell biology (I´m trying to study this field of study :-)).
And more about me... I like flowers and animals (including spiders and frogs :-D), juggling, singing, I´m interested in esoterism...and many many other interests. I´m a Gregorian fan since 2004 (I donť know it properly), but I found this site a few weeks ago. I also listen to Adiemus, Libera, Era, Enigma, Enya and so on.
Thank all that you have welcomed me here :-).
hayee.. im alegna (real name: angela) im frm Philippines, im stil studying in college.. I love reading books and I love my puppies and dogs, I usually surf the net & found new and interesting stuffs. I love gregorian and der music.. My biggest dream is to meet the gregorian monks in person.

I also love to meet ppl frm oder countries, and love to share great experiences to oder ppl.

Hello, I'm Teresa from Lithuania. I live in small resort Druskininkai. I work in family clinic as the registrar. I love animals, now at me there live 3 cats :-). To be pleasant to read books (especially historical novels and a fantasy) to listen music and sometimes to go for a drive on a bicycle.

My name is Jess and I'm from Austria (my real name is impossible to speak out for not German speaking people - so Jess is a good translation)!
I'm from Austria, Styria and I'm working in a medical job!
I'm a huge music-fan and like almost all kind of music! I like sport, reading, history and painting!

I'm living near to Slowenia and my family tree involved people from many countries!

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