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lets describe ourselves, who we are, what we like to do and so on!!!! :)

as for me, you know me as Elena, and it s my real name )) i work as an HR manager in psychology, philosophy, music, animals...and many many other things... a bit romantic, sentimental...well, i think it s good )) hahah.
so what about you, the next fan? )

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Hello, my name is Nancy, and I'm from the US, living now in Mexico. I'm a volunteer teacher, and I play the organ, keyboard, tinwhistle, and flute.

I'm married to a wonderful man named Vince, and we have a son named John who serves in the US military.

I discovered Gregorian recently and want to know more about the group, please don't mind the questions :)
I am Marta and that's my real name. Some of you might know me as Berengar from the forum. I'm a freak. I adore camels, snakes and I want to learn arabic

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