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March 2013 Blog Posts (3)

Deep breath, and..... Relax!

Greetings, my excellent friends ;)

(To quote Rufus (George Carlin) in 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure'...)

So, first up, I hope you are all wonderfully well and I wish you a Happy Easter, surrrounded by loved ones.

I am back in the UK for a few days - literally, about 72hrs - for an Easter mini-break between the concerts in Brno (last Thursday) and Belgrade (this coming Tuesday). Although I don't really live here any more, it is my base at the moment…


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Time flies...

So, here we are again!

I can't quite believe it has over a week since the last Blog. Sorry about that. I guess the main reason is that, truly, there has not been much to report.

The thing is, we have had a few days off. It's just the way the schedule worked out. But it's strange what a difference that makes (in a good way :) ). But - and forgive me - my thoughts have been elsewhere than touring, Blogging and doing gigs.

And the result is that I…


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#So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen. Goodbye...# And...into the East!

Hi again, everyone :)


Before getting going on this one, I must apologise for being away for a while. The combination the busy schedule, lots of travelling, sporadic internet access in Eastern Europe and having been a bit under the weather has meant that I am a bit behind! I started writing this about a week ago, so some of it might be old news if you're keeping up to date on FB or elsewhere! I'll leave what I already wrote as it is, though, and add some more recent stuff on…


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