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There's no place like home...

So, my friends, for the last time on this part of the 'Epic Chants' Tour - notice I say "this part" ;) - I bid you a very warm welcome!


I hope that I haven't kept you waiting too long for this final instalment. As I'm sure you know we finished a week ago but I have needed a little time to come down to normality again and begin to settle into a regular routine, which I have found is not the easiest thing to do after living in a completely different world for fully three…


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#On the road again...#

And so, my friends, after a brief, but wonderful, Easter stopover with my family in the UK, we are back on the road again and homing in on the end of the tour! Indeed, as of now, there are only ten more concerts to go!!!

But before I go any further with what has been happening recently, I regret that I must backtrack somewhat...

Whereas I really don't want to spend time dwelling on the past - as this is all about what is happening now, both on, and around, the…


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Deep breath, and..... Relax!

Greetings, my excellent friends ;)

(To quote Rufus (George Carlin) in 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure'...)

So, first up, I hope you are all wonderfully well and I wish you a Happy Easter, surrrounded by loved ones.

I am back in the UK for a few days - literally, about 72hrs - for an Easter mini-break between the concerts in Brno (last Thursday) and Belgrade (this coming Tuesday). Although I don't really live here any more, it is my base at the moment…


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Time flies...

So, here we are again!

I can't quite believe it has over a week since the last Blog. Sorry about that. I guess the main reason is that, truly, there has not been much to report.

The thing is, we have had a few days off. It's just the way the schedule worked out. But it's strange what a difference that makes (in a good way :) ). But - and forgive me - my thoughts have been elsewhere than touring, Blogging and doing gigs.

And the result is that I…


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#So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen. Goodbye...# And...into the East!

Hi again, everyone :)


Before getting going on this one, I must apologise for being away for a while. The combination the busy schedule, lots of travelling, sporadic internet access in Eastern Europe and having been a bit under the weather has meant that I am a bit behind! I started writing this about a week ago, so some of it might be old news if you're keeping up to date on FB or elsewhere! I'll leave what I already wrote as it is, though, and add some more recent stuff on…


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And the hits just keep on coming...

Well, it has been quite a week!

Every audience has been amazing but something very special happened in Cologne on Saturday night. It wasn't just the 5000+ people there; nor the venue - the incredible Lanxess Arena; nor the way in which everybody performed. It was EVERYTHING! Literally everything just clicked...

I have been with Gregorian since the beginning of 2005 and have had the pleasure of performing, I would guess, somewhere between 300-400 concerts! But…


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o2 My God!

So, here I am again :)

Recently arrived in Kassel and have a show here tonight - we always sleep in the city where we have just come off stage and then travel the next morning to the city we will perform in that night - but there have been a few other shows since last I wrote.

The biggest and most spectacular of those was Berlin! Every show is special for us but there was something spine-tingling about walking out on stage in a place as big as the o2 arena and…


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#Hi ho, hi ho, it's off on Tour we go# ;)

Hi all.

So, Gregorian are on Tour again - and it's bigger and better than ever! We've already had one visitor from across the Pond and she thought it was well worth the trip :)

It's a busy schedule but I'm going to do my best to keep you up to date with how things are going and where we are but please bear with me and be patient... At the end of the day, my priority has to be putting on a good show so I don't always have the chance to get to my computer and get…


Added by Richard Naxton on February 15, 2013 at 6:32am — 2 Comments Interactive Fan Chat with Richard Naxton & Richard Collier!

Richard Collier & RIchard Naxton are doing a live interactive video fan chat Thursday (December 8) via @Yowie -  tune in and ask them anything here:

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