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Seven days ago, I had never even heard of Gregorian.

I love how life works at times. Last Tuesday, work was very stressful and the noise level was high. It was the type of atmosphere that can give an instant, pounding headache. So, I grabbed my cell and went searching for some musical tranquility to soothe the savage beast of my surrounding environment.

Now, I'm an old rock and roller. But lately, have gotten into new age and nature music -- probably because of the stress in my life! I went searching for some Gregorian chant to plug into. What pops up on youtube? Something called Gregorian - Masters of Chant, Volume 3. Okay, I thought. I'm game. Give this a shot.

So, first track. Out sweeps this hauntingly beautiful melody with lyrics that just caught me. "Join Me." Wow, what juxtaposition of sound and meaning.

On the second track, I heard the first few bars and I'm thinking, hm, do I know this song? Then -- "Lost, on a painted sky..." And I am totally swept away. Here's a song I had totally forgotten. Yet, in my youth, during my spiritual seeking days, "Be" had huge significance for me. And, for some reason, I had totally forgotten it. Maybe blocked the memory off. For whatever reason, the song was lost. But the brothers Gregorian brought it back to me in all it's beauty, sweep and meaning. Think I've replayed "Be" 50 times in the past week. What a gift.

I've been through all the albums I found online and watched the videos. Absolutely LOVE the concerts. Love the element of performance art and how they stay in character as those monks. Dang, how can I get to Europe? LOL Soon as my budget allows, I'm buying a bunch.

There's how I got Gregorianized.

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Comment by Wing Crisanto on May 3, 2016 at 4:55am

"Be" is a masterpiece indeed. It's a track from Masters of Chant Chapter III album and it's the second album that I listened to after The Dark Side in September 2006. Though at the time, I always skip that track "Be" because being "so young" before, haha, I can't relate to that song and always looking for lively tracks. My favorite tracks from Chapter III are Only You, Blue Monday, Ordiary World, Fields of Gold and Before the Dawn, oh and Join Me. That was when I first heard the album, then I began buying and collecting the other albums until Gregorian CDs became unavailable here in the Philippines in 2010. So I only collected Chapters I - VII, The Dark Side, The Masterpieces and Christmas Chants. I just bought the newer albums online like iTunes starting from The Dark Side of the Chant to The Final Chapter.

But last year, I went back to those old albums and that's when I fell in love with the song "Be". 
I am glad to hear that there are more people who are joining the Gregorian Community, or in your own words, who got Gregorianized. :)


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