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We are going to try and use the Community Chat application to do live chat with everyone as we know it works, once we get a few people using it will try out a few other of the Chat programs to see what we like best.

It's just one chat room for the whole community, it's open to everybody.

How to use Community Chat

The easiest way to add it is just to go to my page (valore) and click "add Application" it should be right of the top of my page. If it isn't, just look for community chat box.

This will then add it to your own page.
The other option is to just click "View Application" this will take you to a screen where you can enter your username and it will start a java chat box. Keep the the window open (but small) because if you close it the chat will close too.

I will try to stay in the chat room all day if I can, but I might not reply if I'm away.



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