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Greetings, my excellent friends ;)

(To quote Rufus (George Carlin) in 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure'...)

So, first up, I hope you are all wonderfully well and I wish you a Happy Easter, surrrounded by loved ones.

I am back in the UK for a few days - literally, about 72hrs - for an Easter mini-break between the concerts in Brno (last Thursday) and Belgrade (this coming Tuesday). Although I don't really live here any more, it is my base at the moment and I have been away since 30 January, so it was lovely to see my parents when I got here last night, and my sister-in-law and elder niece popped in this afternoon too. They, and the rest of the clan, will be around for lunch tomorrow and I'm so looking forward to seeing them all - especially, perhaps, my younger niece, who is also my goddaughter, who was exactly one month old when I left and has now tripled her age ;)

But you don't want to hear about that! You want to hear about concerts and touring and...stuff!

So, we have done 3 more gigs since the last time I wrote. Prague! What a beautiful city - wonderful to be back. The concert was another good one and, as we have come to expect in Prague, the audience were top notch :) There was no concert the following day and the drive - to Bratislava wasn't too long, so we stayed as late as we could in Prague to give people, but especially those who had never visited before, a chance to wander around and see some of the city :)

As I said, Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, was next. Another very lovely city; another fab concert; another superb audience - is all this repetition getting boring? ;) The thing is, it's true though! We have been so lucky with the audiences everywhere we have been. We are maintaining our record of getting a standing ovation in every city. But, MOST importantly, we have, I think, made a LOT of people happy. And that is why I do this job and why I love it so much.

The morning after was similar to that in Prague - a late leave for the short drive to Brno (back in the Czech Republic) - and a chance to have a look around. And Brno? A new place for us and, it turns out, another one with a really nice Old Town and some great restaurants. And, as some of the guys discovered, green beer ;)

The venue for the concert was one of the stranger ones we have done. A sport hall but with raked seating towards the back and to the right of the stage only. The left hand side was just a wall. That aside though, my word! What a crowd. Not the biggest we have had (though still a good couple of thousand) but, my God, could they make some noise! A great way to finish up before Easter.

Then, yesterday morning, a couple of hours in the bus to Vienna Airport, a couple of hours on the plane, and then back to England, and family :)

So, that's it for now. Till the next time...

Have a great Easter :)


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Comment by Aneta Denisova on April 1, 2013 at 1:33pm

Good evening :)

Andreas, I guess if those things were too private, He wouldn't share them with us :) 

Richard, thank You so much for sharing Your experiences, thoughts and opinion with us..and just thanks for the whole blog! :) 
Hope You have a great time with Your Family!

Looking forward to hearing from You soon :)

Happy Easter!

Comment by Theresa Thistle on May 25, 2013 at 6:39am

It's been long time, but still, I have to write it:)

Green beer on the Green Thursday - in that day you can get one in most of pubs in Czech Republic (same as on St. Patrick's day) :)

Anyway, I want to say one big thank you. Thank you for your performance in Prague. Thank you for your music. Thank you for all the energy you give off by your singing. I mean, in that moment you're on the stage singing, I forget about everything bad. There're just the beautiful voices, inner peace, lots of wow - like in a fairy tale. Or a paradise :)
You changed my life, proved me I can go on even though I thought I wouldn't be able anymore. Honestly, I'd like to hug all of you boys, because my world is upside down thank to you and it's pretty amazing! :)) Shame, I can't tell these words to you face to face, but I wanted you to know how much you helped me:)

Hope to see you in Prague soon! Have a great time!


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