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Hello to all Gregorian's fans!
It s really AGES as I havnt been here..well, just lots in my life changed, but Gregorian is still my love and always will be sure, but if in my past this music was like a salvation from sorrow, now it's the music of my happiness, and I try to listen positive greg's song most of all :) I've been working on Gregorian fan club in one russian network, when i have free time, and also thanks to my friends, co-admins, who help me! It's really not possible to do all the big work alone. Also (if someone of the Band reads this) I would be happy to get some information, or photos for our club, would be such a great honour! It's already more than 3000 fans there, but it s for sure very little :)
I ll try to visit this site more often..
Best regards to all

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Comment by Benjamin Sanchez Fernandez on October 17, 2010 at 6:26pm
aqui, Elena, tu puedes encontrar mucha informacion acerca de gregorian, y yo admiro mucho cuando tienen la posibilidad de hacer propaganda por cualquier medio.

Mucha suerte.

Your amigo fanatico,

Comment by Benjamin Sanchez Fernandez on October 17, 2010 at 6:27pm
Here, Elena, you can find much information about gregorian, and I admire very much when they are able to advertise in any media.

Good luck.

Your friend, fan,


P.D: sorry for the previous written
Comment by Elena on October 18, 2010 at 12:32am
ya Benjamin, thanks for reply, i m sure i can find much info, but i mean also some exclusive special to our russian club right from some of Monks ;) ( sorry, i m a bit pretentios hahah))
Comment by KARLA on November 10, 2010 at 11:41pm
aay Elenaa wooow i feel the same with Gregorian, Gregorian is my lifee, theey makes mee soo happy alwaays wheen i listen they music, im fan of Gregorian since 8 years ago !! and is the best baand i lovee the voices, the clothes, i love to naxos lol :P, only i need go to a concert of theem iis myy biiiiiig wiiiiish, here in Mexico im workiing in a fans club of my country, here have too manyy faans of gregorian, and im tryy that have Increasingly faans.

Well only can tell you that Gregorian is the best baand

sorry for my bad english i hope you understand me lol :D

grettings and hugs from Chihuahua, Mexico


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