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I am sorry not to have been able to respond individually to everyone.

Near the end of the year we had a lot of illness, followed by snow and more snow. Over the Christmas holidays we did not have electricity because of the storms and were not able to get to town (20 miles) to celebrate the Christmas church services. We had almost 36 inches of snow! (A normal snow for us in winter is 3 inches). We were, however, able to celebrate in our private chapel, by candlelight.

I want everyone to know that I appreciate all your kind words and thoughts and best wishes.

My wish for all of you this new year is to grow in spiritual understanding, that you may be able to love one another as Christ loved us, by His mercy and grace. Grace is doing for someone that which they cannot do for themselves. May you all give your grace to others this new year.

Love to All of You, in Christ,

Sr. Magdalen Antonia, SSAE

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Comment by Alan on January 19, 2009 at 7:49am
Hello Sr. Magdalen Antonia, I don't do much praying, but I do a lot of spiritual thinking. I am a carpenter and I put my spirit into my work, as I am sure Jesus did. Music is also spiritual to me and that is why I am a Gregorian supporter. I believe that I have a great spiritual understanding and I know that love is what we all need and what Christ wanted for us. I am new to Gregorian chant, it came as a Christmas gift from God. It has embraced my spiritual understanding and I feel more positive about the future because of it! I wish you and yours wellness and I hope (and work)
for a wonderful 2009.

With love, hope, and grace, Alan
Comment by LaLunaLady on January 23, 2009 at 5:34am
Wow, it sounds like a rough start to winter for you all! Sorry you were unable to get to town for Christmas services, but I am glad you have a small chapel to worship in.

Blessings to you~



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