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And so, my friends, after a brief, but wonderful, Easter stopover with my family in the UK, we are back on the road again and homing in on the end of the tour! Indeed, as of now, there are only ten more concerts to go!!!

But before I go any further with what has been happening recently, I regret that I must backtrack somewhat...

Whereas I really don't want to spend time dwelling on the past - as this is all about what is happening now, both on, and around, the tour - I must say something.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a Blog. It is, by definition, a PERSONAL account of PERSONAL experiences and, to an extent, PERSONAL feelings, given from an individual viewpoint. I do not claim to speak for anyone else, nor do I want to. And, if you want no more than facts, figures and statistics then, forgive me, go somewhere else because that is not what this is about.


I am a little hurt by some of the comments that have been made following my last Blog entry. I am aware that many people choose not to share any details about themselves publicly and I respect that completely. However, I am blessed with the close and loving relationship that I have with my family – and, let’s face it, the fact that they exist is a matter of public record and so hardly shockingly private – and I am completely comfortable sharing that fact with the world. In fact, I am proud to.

And, frankly, if it is too much to declare, not even publicly but only in a closed forum, that one is looking forward to having a family lunch and seeing loved ones after more than two months away, then I’m afraid I think the world has become a very sad place.


Everyone is, of course, fully entitled to, and to express their own opinion. But – and sorry to disappoint you – I will never regret being open and honest, especially about people and things that I love.

And finally, before moving on to what I want to write about, I must say that I have been asked by the administrators of this site, and the management, to make it quite clear that, as much as this is an open forum, any comments judged to be of a personal nature against ANY users of or contributors to this site will be removed and action may be taken against the author.

This is supposed to be a place for friendly discussion and interaction, people; not personal judgement of others.

Thank you for your support in this.


We have been back on the road for about ten days now since our quick trip home for Easter. And what a time we have had!

We flew out to Belgrade in Serbia on Easter Monday for the concert there the following night. (We always schedule to fly the day before, so we still have a chance to make it if something goes wrong.) And it was straight back in at the deep end.

Johnny (Clucas) rejoined us and, on arriving in Serbia, we knew we had only 24 hours to get back into the swing of things and do a show in front of a huge audience, in a great venue, which would be filmed in HD for national TV in Serbia and (to quote the Gregorian Official FB page) "possibly a future DVD/Blu-Ray release".

I am pleased to report that it went.......well ;)

As if that wasn't enough, day 2 saw us moving on to Croatia (a country where we are always made to feel so very welcome) and, not only another filmed show for national TV and the potential DVD release, but also a TV slot in the afternoon. The two tracks we did here can be found on YouTube and have already been used to promote our concerts later that week, but will be aired in full on the Croatian version of the show "Last Choir Standing" sometime next month.

Another good day, and night! :)

Then, confirming the wild rumours that Gregorian were going to 'split' ("Oh nooooooooooooooo!", I hear you cry), the next day we made the journey south to the city of that name for a great concert the same evening ;) And then returning north to a new place for us, Varazdin, for a final Croatian outing, we completed our Eastern European adventure.

But, no rest for the not-so-wicked, and the following day we found ourselves back in the beautiful city of Vienna (Austria). It was wonderful to be back here - especially for me, as our last concert in Vienna (in the same venue, as it happens) was the first Gregorian concert my parents were ever able to come to, so I have very fond memories - and the Viennese audience loved the concert. As did we :)

A quick dash to Innsbruck - wow, what a backdrop the mountains provide for the city - the following day for a wonderfully well-received gig in, for us, a very difficult venue and then on to Munich. A night off in town, followed by a concert the next night that was, thanks to the unstinting efforts of the crew and the forward planning of the whole team, a much better, fuller and more straightforward affair than we were expecting, in what has been, historically, an awkward venue for us. Back into Austria and the city of Bregenz (idyllically situated at the base of snow-capped mountains and on the shore of the Lake of Constance) the following day for a relatively easy, but no less professional or well-executed concert. And, finally, Zurich (Switzerland) tonight and another top effort by all in another technically tough venue.

So there you are. Up to date... And here, I must say very clearly and publicly how amazing this whole team is. Three of the last four concerts have been in technically very challenging venues, for both cast and crew. Everyone has risen magnificently to the challenges and we are all truly delighted to read the positive comments that have been flowing in after the gigs. The quality of all the people who work with Gregorian is so unbelieveably high that I sometimes think it's unfair on other acts!!! And, no, I'm not at all biased ;) Well, not much...

And that is quite enough from me for now. I hope you enjoy reading and I promise you this won't be the last Blog of the tour :)

Till the next time...


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Comment by Jakabné Baranyi Henriett on April 17, 2013 at 2:19am

Yaaaaay! A BIG applause for Aneta!!!! :)

Comment by Aneta Denisova on April 17, 2013 at 10:59am


Thank you for the support! :)




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