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Hi everyone!  As our Gregorian prepare to embark on the next leg of the Epic Chants World Tour, we're getting more and more people joining in this forum.  As it's virtually impossible to tell who are the true fans and who are potential spammers, unless an email address looks blatantly spammer-ish, I accept all.  It seems that every once in a while a spammer slips through and I try to suspend them as quickly as I see their post(s).  To the true Gregorian fans - thank you for your patience as I try to keep these intruders out.  To potential spammers - please don't bother posting your silly, inane messages on this forum as you will be tossed out immediately upon discovery of your posts, which I try to do on a daily basis.  We're really not interested in whatever it is you're trying to sell...

--Toni (Gregorian U.S. WebAbbess)

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